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Co-Enzyme Q10 & its effects on Brain Function / Heart / Training / Making Love

CoEnzyme Q10 / ubiquinone (cheaper) / ubiquinol (more absorbable/bio-available as it is the most similar form to what your body actually produces itself)

Water or oil based is always more absorbable for your body

Your body uses COQ10 faster than it can produce it

so you need supplemental CoQ10 either from food or from a supplement

Food: fatty fish, beef, poultry, nuts, seeds and oils

CoQ10 is a Natural fat soluble enzyme synthesised within your body

Are you experiencing: Brain fog, Poor memory, Recall or Cognition lately? Ultimately these can all lead to Alzheimer's, Huntingdon, Stroke and other diseases of age.

Provides fuel for mitochondria. Your brain has a higher concentration of mitochondria than most other organs in your body)

Powerful antioxidant / protects your cells from free radical damage and from oxidative stress

Protects from Alzheimer's, Parkinson, Huntingdon, Lou Garage Disease

Scavenge free radicals in mitochondria

Produces ATP (adenosine triphosphate) = the fuel used by your mitochondria.

Benefits of CoQ10

Helps: produce more energy in your cells

Boost heart health

Boost immune system

Maintain healthy blood pressure

Reduces signs of ageing

How it affects your brain health and chemistry

Effects on Bi-polar, Depression & Migraine Headaches

Protects by raising energy levels

Preserves brain function/Mental illness

Fights migraines

Prevents brain deterioration at a structural level

Depression / Bi-polar disorder (these two illnesses are being show to have mitochondrial dysfunction in common)

CoQ10 can boost energy levels and stamina

Reduce fatigue

Reduce age related diseases

Lowers blood pressure

Lower blood sugar levels

Provide protection & energy to brain & boost cerebral blood flow

Highest concentration of CoQ10 is organs that need the most energy - heart, liver, muscles kidney & brain

Dosing Etc . . .

Dosage (what are you trying to accomplish)

Healthy Adult: 30mg-400mg daily

As an antioxidant: 60mg-150

Muscle control problems: 300-3000

asl 400mg

heart attack recovery: 30-600mg

Prevent heart disease: 200mg

Chemotherapy side effects: 50-90

To improve exercise performance: 50-300mg

Male infertility & Peyronie's disease: 30-300mg

Diabetic nerve pain: 400mg

Weight loss: 100mg

Dosing is for as long as you have the symptoms

Work with your doctor and get tested for CoQ10 levels in yyour blood

Once your optimised you can scale back to a maintenance dose

Side Effects

You'll feel better

you should have more energy

thinking should be clearer and faster

may reduce the toxic effect of some chemo drugs

and may enhance the effect of some blood pressure medications (good/bad?)

reduce effectiveness of a blood thinner like warfarin

lower blood sugar levels (pls monitor if you have diabetes)

Caution when using CoQ10 with aspirin, especially if you have a bleeding disorder

rashes, nausea, abdominal pain, dizziness, sensitivity to light, irritability, headache, heartburn & fatigue

Some have reported being fatigued on ubiquinol and not ubiquinone, experiment and see which of the two work best for you

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