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No one Likes a CHEATER - Competitors Mucking with my Adds

Being the lovely that I am, there is always someone out there who doesn't want me to meet you. I just thought I'd give my members an update about something I spotted on one of my adds that isn't true and has been put there to divert any lovelies am meant to meet away from me.

No one likes a cheater. But this is what you have to deal with sometimes in my line of work & you're well liked.

If you spot something like this please do give me a heads up, happy to reward you for helping me out. ​

And not sure if this is linked to whats going on above - but if you're finding you can't reach me by text, please do ring me. As some days people are finding they're not getting thru when they need to reach me for last minute meet ups & getting really frustrated around it.

I find people who come through on Facebook messenger I never miss.

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